Multifunction Devices


Please don’t use abrasives or similar! At Punch-in the corresponding track is switched into bypass directly in the hardware, at Punch-out it switches back to playback. An error message ‘Com Port not available’ comes up. Please read notes included. Inf is a hidden directory. This is not only true for several features, but also for the data format between the hardware, the PC and the software. However, some applications block monitoring.

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Last version with MME support. This allows simultaneous record and playback even with different sample rates at input and output. The software installation of the DAM-1 went well, but now the hardware can’t be found. The complete list of features and the differences to the DIGI32 are listed here.

But all actions of the driver are also actions of the CPU, ending sigi32 additional system load.

Babyface Out of production! Flash Update Tool for Version 2.

RME Audio DIGI32/8 User Manual: Playback (windows Mme)

DIGI96 is the result of an intensive development by hardware and software cracks. Sample aligned simultaneous start of record and playback in Record while Play mode. All entries in this Tech Infopaper have been thoroughly checked, however no guarantee for correctness can be given. In case of ‘local vigi32 operation for example DAT AutoSync leads to a loss of the digital carrier.


RME: Driver Archive

To print the manual completely, please, download it. This results vigi32 problems with the settings dialog, or the driver won’t load at all. Different sample rates digo32 input and output possible.

Please note, RME will not deliver phone or email support for 3rd party drivers. The software is able to send its data without any waitstate. SyncAlign can compensate the time difference so that an exact simultaneous start of Record and Playback in the Record while Play mode is guaranteed.

In case of an error a message is displayed. The list might look a bit strange at first, but it’s not so hard to understand. So the main task of the driver of the DIGI96 series is just to set the user’s options.

Help To download a driver please click on the name of the file digii32 right click and choose “Save as Additionally the monitor changes its screen resolution in just that moment, what often results in at least 2 seconds total darkness This website contains names and marks of other companies. In case of an error a message displays. This test is used in production test procedure, but as it lasts only a few hundredths of a second we decided to integrate it into the Windows dgii32.


Fireface Out of production! So starting a recording on-the-fly is possible as well as anytime during playback, thanks to Full Duplex without first having to synchronize the card to the input signal.

Activating Record or Pause in the application causes the input signal to be. Due to a proper layout, double voltage regulation and special RF filter the dynamic range is greater than 92 dB RMS unweighted.

If this happens you can check using ‘regedit. Dsp system simply the professional multitrack recording system 80 pages. This can be verified under the register card ‘Resources’.

RME Audio DIGI32 User Manual: Recording Digital (windows Mme); Record While Play

The driver of the DIGI32 PRO does not result in any slowing down the data transfer, because it has nothing else to do than to configure the user’s options. Delete all old RME installation scripts.

AutoSelect stops when it finds a valid signal and starts again when losing it. Newest drivers on our Download Page.