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The Easysoft FTP server is available 24 hours a day at ftp: Why do not my PHP scripts appear to run on the web server? Click Finish in the License Manager to return to the install program. Please shut down other Windows programs before installing. Valid logging values are: How do I automate a license request on Unix or Linux?

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Easysoft Data Access

This attribute is selected by default and optimises the access speed to ISAM data files consisting of fixed length records. Note that this option cannot be used if any of the underlying data files is of variable length.

How do I restart the licensing procedure after I have quit the install? The enabling of logging will seriously impair performance and it should be disabled after use. Select this attribute to log summary information about odbv SQI function calls.

Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver

The Windows installation can be carried out by anyone with local administrator privileges for the target machine. Supported applications include OpenOffice.

Occasionally, the install program pauses to give you time to read the information displayed on screen. If you chose the automatic licensing method and licenses are retrieved, the licensing script outputs them to a file called licenses. NB Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major version number installing software of a different major version number requires a new Easysoft license.


Applications – UniData Why do I get error “libodbc.

Why am I refused a trial license with a message saying a license has already been provided for this machine? This creates a user-specific data source in a file called.

Refer to the section relevant to your platform to continue: This is used as an example in Querying a data source on Windows and Querying a data source on Unix to illustrate how to validate that a connection has been made after the installation process has been completed. Entries to all functions and attributes to all calls in odhc SQI layer.

Querying a data source on Windows On Windows, a program called sql. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.

Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver Getting Started Guide

If you need further information about licensing, please refer to the Licensing Guide. The log filename adds to this prefix an underscore and a unique number derived from the Unix PID iwam Identification number.

Specify a default password for the data source. The filename prefix to which a log file will be generated. What to install The selection of components that you require to dobc in order to configure Easysoft Data Access for ISAM varies depending on the platforms on which you wish to run. Creating additional data sources on Windows To create a data source connecting to your local System Z data: Cross-platform data access software can be obtained as follows:.


I need to set some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this. eassoft

Any licenses that are obtained for Easysoft Data Access for ISAM or any other Easysoft products are held in the Windows registry and are not removed when a product is uninstalled, so it is not necessary to relicense after a reinstall or upgrade. Change into the newly-created xml-odbc- x. A message will be displayed if a more recent version of the software is available.

You will need to complete the offline licensing procedure as explained in Easusoft the offline licensing procedure.

Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver Knowledge Base Articles

The sample data source and its accompanying schema data installed into C: A security notice is then displayed, which the user is recommended to follow by immediately updating the password for the default database owner ” dbo easysoct which was created during the install.

Click OK to create the sample data source and continue. Although this section covers a range of platforms and the precise output odcb vary from system to system, the installation process is essentially the same. Enter at least one of EmailPhone and Fax preferably all three.