The duplexer makes unusual noises or makes more noise than usual either while idle or while printing. Place the paper tray on a level surface. Secure the fuser to the printer by replacing and tightening the screws. Remove the moist media and load new, dry media. About The Sheet Feeder User Guide About the Sheet Feeder About this Chapter This chapter provides all of the information necessary to install, use, and maintain the sheet paper feeder option, including procedures for cleaning the feeder and removing paper jams.

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Since there is always the possibility of damaging delicate printer components by careless- ness or vigorous cleaning methods, GENICOM recommends that you clean the interior only when you are instructed to do so by a service representative or in a troubleshooting proce- dure presented in this manual.

The toner cartridge is old or Tenicom the toner cartridge. However, when moving the printer a long distance, please remove the sheet paper microlsaer to avoid damaging either the printer or the feeder. Align the three holes on the bottom of the upper feeder with the three stubs on the lower feeder, and place the upper paper feeder on top of the microaser paper feeder. Solving Envelope Feeder Problems When there is a problem with the envelope feeder, the printer control panel displays an error code and error message.

Load only one type of print media. Use the following procedure to enter the paper menu: And can we talk mail-order mattresses?

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Store the caps in the holes provided on the inside of the rear cover. The weight of the printer without paper tray, toner cartridge, and paper is about 55 lbs 25 kg. Remove any printed pages from the output tray. Laptops by Dan Ackerman Sep 25, Page microLaser User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Press the locks on the left and right of the retard roll inside the paper tray, and lift the lever to open the retard roll cover.

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Envelope Feeder Holds a maximum of 75 envelopes or postcards. Broken components or scraps of paper lodged inside the feeder may be brushing against mov- ing parts and causing the noise. Page 26 microLaser User Guide Paper Path The paper emerges onto the output tray, or the offset output tray if installed. Remove the screws that secure the fuser to the printer. genicpm

Page 96 microLaser User Guide Paper Jams If there is paper jammed around the fuser unit, lift up the fuser unit genicok levers on the left and right sides of the fuser and remove the jammed paper. Push the green tabs on the sides of the duplexer out toward the sides of the printer to secure the duplexer to the printer.

Repetitive defects The paper path is dirty. The speci- fications that apply to your printer depend on your machine configuration. Use the following procedure to enter the Quality Menu: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The offset catch tray makes unusual noises or makes more noise than usual either while idle or while printing. If you are planning to use large size envelopes, pull out the extension at the end of the paper tray.


Page User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Push the new retard roll onto the shaft until the retaining tab clicks into place. Close the front tray and remove any printed sheets from the paper output tray.

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The table below explains the LED indicators. Page 72 microLaser User Guide Replacing Printer Components Turn the printer off by pressing the [ O ] on the power switch on the right side of the printer, and disconnect the AC power cord from the wall outlet. Page 38 microLaser User Guide Loading the Universal Paper Tray Use the following procedure to load paper into the sheet universal paper tray: Align the holes on the bottom of the printer with the pegs on the paper feeder, and lower the printer onto the paper feeder.

The printer is very heavy, and should always be lifted by two people. Electrical noise may be transmitted through the AC line.

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Installing the offset catch tray while the printer is on may damage the printer or the offset catch tray. Turn off the printer and disconnect the AC power cord from the AC wall outlet. Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Genico, a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season.