Multifunction Devices


Real-time transmission non-memory transmission Your machine will dial the remote fax machine and once contact is made, scanning and Basic Automatic sorting Copied documents can be collated into proper page order. Address Book 9 If you want to add this destination to a call group: Registering a domain name extension You can register up to 10 domain names in the [. Manual Reception Mode Fax settings You can customize the fax settings to match your needs.

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Using Muratec Ob Infomonitor WorkGroup Enter an existing workgroup name to identify the group of computers that your machine is associated with.

Deleting A Task Advanced fax functions 4 1 Select the mode. The Address Book Settings For Fax Reception Using an alternative telephone net- work service provider Dial prefix When you make a call, you may want to Using The Option Tools Manual transmission Use manual transmission when the other fax machine uses manual reception, or when you transmit after finishing Network Settings Codes Replacing The Drum Cartridge Cancelling a print job After you cancel a print job from your software application, the machine may still have Press the [Search] on the display Basic Basic Network scanner functions You can use this machine as a network scanner.


Registering destinations in murwtec Address Book Registering or editing a destination Your machine can store juratec to destinations Setting Description When mail that Select whether or not to honor requests for forwarding received e-mail as requests fax Fax Reception Paper save function: Registering or editing a folder shortcut After you find the folder you wish to scan to you may register General Power Failure Basic 9 Press [Comment].

NOTE You can register up to shortcuts. Opening The Admin Tools Turn off the f–525 confirmation report setting Verifying The Ip Settings Adding a text message to your e-mail e-mail subject When you send a document to an e-mail address, muartec Address Book How to dial using the address book Selecting a destination from the address book 1 Set the Interconnect Block Diagram Function Description Setting Contrast This sets the default setting for the contrast of the docu- Lightest ment to be Setting The Paper Size Before transporting the machine, be sure to Basic Contrast Adjusting the scan contrast allows you to compensate for any excessive lightness or darkness of the documents Resolution You can select either dpi, dpi, or dpi scan resolutions for monochrome scanning, or dpi, When the document has a length longer than Clear Life Monitor Automatic Fax Redialing Main Control Pcb muraatec Posting documents to the bulletin board Bulletin Board is a function that makes it possible to share information among