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The ringer sounds when your machine receives a call. Then, return to standby. Sending Documents Direct Transmission Abbreviated Dialing Direct Transmission Abbreviated dialing is a speedy way to dial a frequently dialed telephone number by preprogramming the telephone number into the built-in auto-dialer with a 2-digit abbreviated code. Load the Cleaning Charts into the Paper Tray face down. Setting the Dialing Method Tone or Pulse Your machine can operate with either of two dialing methods Tone or Pulse , depending on the type of telephone line you are connected to. The ability to store full phone numbers into the dialer and then utilizing a short series of Abbreviated Number keystrokes to speed dial that number in the future.

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Machine is activated for communication, printing data or scanning a document. Up to uf-4990 built-in timers can be set for deferred communication. Page 53 Transmission Reservation Direct Transmission Reservation Priority Transmission Reservation If you are in a rush to send an urgent document, however there are many files in the memory, use Direct Transmission Reservation to send the urgent document.

Your machine requires an optional fax handset or an external telephone. Control Panel LCD Display Indicates date and time, or the current status can be confirmed by one of the following colors. Journals and Lists General Description To help you maintain records of the documents you sent and received, as well as lists of the numbers you record, your facsimile machine is equipped to print the following journals and lists: Adjusting the Volume You can adjust the monitor and ringer volume on your machine.


These parameters, listed in the Parameter Table, are preset for you and do not need to be changed. On the rear panel of this equipment is Page 8 Safety Information denotes hazards that could result in minor injury or damage to the machine.

Panasonic UF-490 Operating Instructions Manual

Most photocopy papers will also work very well. Troubleshooting Cleaning the Printer Roller If you find toner on the back of the recording paper, the printer roller in the Fuser unit is probably dirty. Condition To prevent no feed trouble Standard position To prevent multiple feed trouble Troubleshooting The following table summarizes the major specifications to consider when selecting white or colored paper. By pressing ‘print’ pnaafax you will print only current page.


Getting To Know Your Machine Safety Information denotes a potential hazard that could result in serious injury or death. Code To clear the jam, Info. Use Memory Transmission if: Once a 4-digit Access Code is registered, no one can operate the machine without panaax the correct access code.

This machine is equipped with a Print Reduction function to solve this problem. Dial by any combination of the following methods: Recording Paper Specifications In general, most photocopy papers will also work very well.

Setting the Monitor Volume You will hear the dial tone through the speaker.


To Poll Documents from Another Station The following procedure lets you poll document s from one or multiple stations. Troubleshooting Checking the Telephone Line If you do not hear a dial tone when the your machine no automatic receive. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Install the machine on a flat surface, leave at least 4 inches 10 cm of space between the machine and other objects. Set document s face down.

Supplies for Panasonic Panafax UF-490

Control Panel Control Panel – Used to switch the machine into energy saving mode. If you are using the “Distinctive Ring Service” provided by your local telephone company, please note that the ring pattern for your fax number must uf490 with the setting of Fax Parameter No. General Description Your fax machine has special Program Keys.

Journals and Lists IND. Transmission Reservation Direct Transmission Reservation Priority Transmission Reservation If you are in a rush to send an urgent document, however there are many files in the memory, use Panafas Transmission Reservation to send the urgent document.

Panasonic Panafax UF Laser Fax Toner Cartridges

Manual Number Dialing Direct Transmission To dial the telephone number manually, follow the steps below. Enter the number of copies.

See page 33 Make sure that the lamp goes off.