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VR JAV 3D / KVR1711-16 【Takumi】 Cchan (19) Shibuya-Ku Resident Talent'S Egg B80W60H82 C Cup / KMP VR, AFesta

KVR1711-16 【匠】Cちゃん(19歳)渋谷区在住 タレントの卵 B80W60H82 Cカップ

Video Info
File Size: 3.3 GB | Format: mp4 | Resolution: 2160x2160
English 日本の
Release 2018-01-13 発売日 2018-01-13
Length 21 min 20 s + 27 min 36 s 収録時間 21 min 20 s + 27 min 36 s
Studio KMP VR, AFesta メーカー KMP
Genre(s) 3D, VR, VR Porn, 3D JAV, JAV VR, Smartphone, POV, Amateur, Face To Face Sitting Position, Bishoujo ジャンル 素人・対面座位・美少女
Cast --- 出演者 ---
Description 説明
Lolita bishoujo gets cumshot sex with VR! Usually she seems to be talented, her mother's face with small face and small bowel invites sense of tranquility. The scene which makes masturbation while hiking the anal is realistic as if it is really in front of you, the smell of C - chan seems to drift. Even though it seems to be quiet, the blowjob is also good! The glans are crowded with real images and sounds! The second half is a C-chan's omen ● Kochi qi ● pounding with a poke, it is cumbersome with a dull face! 【Covering over the normal viewpoint Present ロリ系美少女がVRで中出しセックス!普段はタレントをしているらしく、童顔かつ小ぶりの乳が背徳感を誘います。アナルをヒクヒクさせながらオナニーするシーンは本当に目の前にいるような臨場感で、Cちゃんの匂いが漂ってきそうですw。 清純そうなのにフェラチオも上手い!リアルな映像と音に亀頭がムズムズしてきます!後半はCちゃんのオマ●コにチ●ポをブチ込み、だらしない顔でイキまくりです!!【覆いかぶさり正常位視点有り】

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