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Its 40 mm speaker pumps out clear, distortion-free sound, and its closed design reduces ambient noise effectively. Plus, it has a Lithium-polymer battery for an amazing hour batterylife in music mode or 4-hour battery life in video mode. Click to load comments. Hopefully, you’ll even get a card in the same price. Take your multimedia whe I just think they could have done it better.

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lecteur mp3 d-jix yuno 20

The S9 boasts Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a pair of high-quality stereo headphones. And you can also choose your favorite color from a wide array of nuances. Some might even say its design pattern looks like that of an old CD cleaner. In fact, the 3-inch, scratch-resistant, tempered glass touch-screen puts allkinds of functions at your very fingertips. Then you should also take into account the portable media player’s affordable price tag of only 99 bucks a pop!

With its 2 GB of memory and compact lightweight design, the Sansa Clip has plenty of room for all your favourite tracks without weighing you down. In fact, it can play around25 hours of music and 4 of video footage before having to be re Its lithium polymer battery lasts for 30 hours in musicmode, or 5 hours in video mode.


And when it comes to the portable media player’s dimensions, they’re not bad either, as 87 x 50 x 13mm are pretty convenient measures to fit in just about any type of purse or bagalthough I wouldn’t try to place this in my jeans pockets.

Just like a DJ, you can add noises, voice, percussion andexplosions to your tunes. It reveals a generous gray LCD display, very retro looking on the black and white body.

Hopefully, you’ll even get a card in the same price.

Oct 8, With an affordable price tag, the MP is great value for money. The 2-inch screen with QVGA resolution means you can viewvideos and photos comfortably, while a special feature 2 displaysyour files.

The Yuno 20 PMP targets exclusively the ones that only buy such devices for listening to music, therefore the device doesn’t offer too many extra options, just compatibility with the most common file formats, such as MP3 and WMA. This one yumo comes with a built-in loudspeakers system in case you might want to share the media content with your friends.

You canalso download podcasts for free. Home Delivery Returns Contact. Pick the soundtrack to your workout with the Sansa Clip!

The 16 GB internal memory has plenty of spacef Regarding the player’s technical specification list, the manufacturer claims this baby can actually deal with a lot of file formats on the market, such as MP3, WMA for the audio media content, as well as JPEG for the photo viewing and more. Logicom Yono d-ix PMP. In fact, it can play around25 hours of music and 4 of video footage before having to be re. And even if it weighs no more than 44 grams, it wouldn’t look too good on a neck strap either.


The next addition to yjno company’s portfolio, the YUNO PMP, looks a little bit too cheap, still it reveals a compact and comfortable design.

Logicom Expands D-JIX Series, Adds Yuno 20 and Yuno PMPs!

Simplyturn it round to adapt the screen to the media of your choice! With its touch-sensitive controls and large 2. Sales Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Plus, each time you touch thecolour screen, the YP P3JCS will vibrate slightly to let youknow your selection has been registered. Interested in buying one of these? Italso offers stable, high-quality playback even when jogging, and comeswith a handy belt-clip and internal battery with hours of playback.

Click to load comments. Take your multimedia whe. In addition, they pack a decent 4GB internal storage capacity in Flash. It boasts DNSe 3. Take your multimedia whe