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I recently built a home studio on a budget. If i simply buy a PCI card with midi inserts, does Reaper alows me to have the E-MU being set as the soundboard and device for ins and outs, plus using this extra midi ins from a different device? What’s cool is that there are already a bunch of user groups and bulletin boards. I’ll give it a 7 – have not contacted support, but the manuals and drivers on the website are up-to-date. Extremely high quality analog to digital converters, high quality effects, easy to use, nice amount of inputs and outputs, great price value, what else could you really ask for?

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Everything from ambient to metal.

The software bundle is useful. Some people feel they have to spend dollars on an interface, im not rich, and if I was I still might have this sound card. Maybe consider ebay for the M? Maybe I’ll have a use for them some day This thread is locked. I’m doing composing, mixing and mastering with this card, and it absolutely fits all my needs; accurate sound, low latency, stable operation. If you can get it to work with programs that use the cards pco drivers.

If you’ve been at all happy with the performance and features of the drivers of the LT, you might want to consider getting the Audiophile There was a manual that explains how a 4 year old could install the cards They work ;ci in windows 7.


I had an audio problem ground loop and they not only, efficiently, helped me figure out that it wasn’t my card they also helped me narrow down where the problem was coming from, they helped me for as long as they could.

I wxpect to have this card for at least another few years until I am ready to upgrade to something of a higher calibur like the RME line. Not a major gripe, though. Thanks for all the help – I may eku to give the M a try. Not for morons or lazy computer users.

That would put it totally off the chart. The M design was and probably still is pretty much the best “el-cheapo” design on the market, in my opinion.

drivers – How to get EMU m, EMU m, or EMU to work with Ubuntu? – Ask Ubuntu

Like a piano, it can play chopsticks or Liszt, but you have to know what you’re doing to achieve the result you want. I have found many other users reporting the same issue.

Some had the card working fine for few weeks or months before one or both analog outputs lost volume.


It probably has too much, I have limited pci space, so a single pci card wouldve been nice. Tell us about your experience with our site.

MAudio 1010LT or EMU 1212M?

Some applications in Ubuntu may use this to have low latency and high resolution sound. The product has great sex appeal.

One of the best on the market. This site in other languages x. At meu same time my ASIO programs work fine. Excellent quality audio at I have very very good ears and I hate glitches, cracles and pops in recorded material.

The last set of drivers were from and they pcii flawlessly for me under Windows 8. This card has some good features in theory. All we need is the first payment up front and the rest in easy monthly payments!

E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10

They sell Joemeek products and it works great. Works like a charm. I’ve been able to achieve steady operation and low latency with both.