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The gnome bluetooth software only gave me trouble. Taking the car to the garage to get the code cleared means I lose the car for a day, which is getting annoying. We’ll work our way from the car “upwards”: I have been using these programs in DOS and Linux. My car has been a real pain recently: I did this, but was still not home free. Luke, a comment above explains the modification I had to do https:

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E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will ekm327 be shown publicly. Bus Device Proudly powered by WordPress. I did this, but was still not home free. April 11, at 7: Back to the main menu, and choose sensor data to see realtime readouts from the sensors on the car the car needs to be running for this to work: Pages to cleanup SDB: Teueniz’s library and therefore my program in Linux supports rs, usb, and bluetooth devices. I fixed it by hardcoding the self. Lijux the car to the garage to get the code cleared means I lose the car for a day, which is getting annoying.


So if you encounter any problems with your device and a OBD-II software, you should always check your device first. If you know what eln327 code means and you are sure you want to clear it, you can select clear.

ELM to RS in Linux

Update September 9th, I’m new to bluetooth which is the primary reason I’ve added this section, ie as a reminder to myself about how I got this working. In the file globals.

The Scantool software will not connect and gives a notice. I managed this with the “ScanTool” program, downloaded from the ScanTool. Compile by linking to libftdi. June 10, at 1: Thanks for your clear and helpful instructions. This creates a loadable python module that handles interfacing with serial ports.

Linu may be other, better solutions by now send me a note using the form below if you know of one: June 7, at 9: It supports creating a log file so you can have a record of your interaction with the ELM, read the man page and look for ‘C-a H’ from the keyboard after you have started screen to toggle log file output on and off linjx file ‘screenlog.

ELM327 to RS232 in Linux

Pierre, it is very hard to guess what slm327 be wrong. July 17, at Other methods include the usbmon utility, which should be build-in.


The start and stop operation will require root privileges, so non-root users should use the script with sudo. October 20, at 4: Now turn the ignition on, and then launch scantool: I had to modify the code to even get it to report these errors, as it seems exceptions are handled differently in newer Python: The command ‘hciconfig -a’ will search any bluetooth devices and display their status, if it returns nothing as initially occurred on my antiquated machine you have to install one.

The end goal is to get graphs like this one el,327 on it for a larger version: But it tells me Buffer full. I linuc the source tarball successfully after a couple false starts.

Traditionally the connection was made with a standard rs cable, but more recently devices are available with usb or bluetooth connections.